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Pay it forward

When somebody does you a favor, the most fantastic way to reciprocate it is to help others genuinely, and they will respond to the acceptance that way as well. Charity and kindness will be replicated and sustained in this manner. We nurture each seed, like in the fable "the grains on the chessboard," and dream of a future forest.
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Ngập lụt
Phát gạo trẻ em
Nhà tình thương
Human values
Help the vulnerable people
Help the vulnerable people
We support together to aid people in difficult situations, places affected by natural disasters, and remote areas that the media has not yet approached.
School-based support
School-based support
We pay special attention to children who need conditions for studying such as scholarships, bicycles, libraries, etc.
Give the opportunity to worthy person
Give the opportunity to worthy person
Even talented individuals, when having support and given the opportunity to develop, will be an exponential "GET TO GIVE" factor.